Want a CFO for your construction business but don’t know where to find one or how much they will cost?


Finding a construction CFO is like finding a unicorn…

They’re nearly impossible to find.

Construction accounting isn’t taught in most colleges.

In most cases, nobody even knows it exists…

How are you supposed to get a CFO for your construction business, then?

You train them.


And we’ve built a training for turning someone into a CFO for your construction business. It’s called Build Your Own CFO.

We put our almost 25 years of experience in the construction industry into this training.

It’s got everything someone needs to become a construction CFO.

I Want a CFO!

In 4 weeks with this training, you’ll be able to…

  • Create and understand the duties necessary in your accounting and finance department.
  • Create and understand the timing of these duties.
  • Create the most crucial schedule in construction accounting – the Work-In-Process schedule.
  • Create and understand the Balance Sheet and Income Statement.
  • Train your candidate to become your CFO.
  • Pass off the accounting and finances to your CFO.
  • Work less and stress less—your CFO has got this.

You won’t have to…

… worry about whether your financial statements are correct.

… work on the weekends to be the accountant for your business.

… stress over the accounting and financial side of your business.


Instead, you’ll have a CFO you can trust to do all that for you.

They’ll take care of the financial statements.

They’ll take care of the accounting and financial side of your business.

You’ll be able to work less and stress less: You’ve got a CFO!

I Want a CFO!

This is the exact training we’ve used to train CFO’s for our clients.

They now have a CFO to take care of the financial side of their business.

Now, they’re free to work on the fun side of their business.

And they get to work less!

"Atlas CFO training has been tremendous for us! I have been in the construction industry for 20 years and have a broad understanding of what's required, but I am no accountant. More than anything, the training has helped us understand what the sureties and insurance agents want to see in the format they want to see it. Atlas CFO explains what the numbers really mean.

We are builders, not accountants, but they make it simple to understand.

Without reservation, I would recommend any construction company to utilize the training course."

-Denver, Owner, Infrastructure Contractor

It normally costs $20,000 to hire us personally to create systems and train a CFO, but with the Build Your Own CFO training, you can get that same training for $500.

You’ll get access to our 20+ years of experience in the construction industry as COOs, CFOs, CPAs, and CCIFPs, and our extensive training library for someone to become your CFO!


If you’re ready to stop stressing over the financial side of your business…

If you’re ready to hand all the financial work to someone else…

If you’re ready to work less…

Then it’s time to Build Your Own CFO!


Click the I Want a CFO! button below and enter your information to get the training.

I Want a CFO!

What’s Included

Module 1: The Who, What and When in construction accounting.

In this module you will create a detailed task list of who does what and also the schedule of when these steps happen. Our ready-made templates take hours of system building down to minutes. 

Module 2: The WIP schedule. 

The WIP schedule is the one report to rule them all in construction accounting. This one schedule allows for proper financial reporting (i.e. financial statements that make sense) performance measurement and improvement, cash flow predictions, and many more necessary indicators. 

Module 3: The Process of creating financial statements. 

Did you know that there are reconciliations that must take place each month in order to have reliable financial information? Without this process, the financial performance of the company can be greatly skewed.

In fact, without this process, the financial statements can be flat out wrong. We teach you the steps to take and provide the reconciliation templates so that you can create financial statements each month with confidence.

Module 4: Financial reporting to owners, sureties, and bankers. 

Printing a random report out of your accounting system and providing it to outside parties can create more harm than good! In this module we cover creating the financial reporting package and then how to review the information for reasonableness.

If you know you are making money in your business, but the Income Statement shows a loss, this module will help you fix it. This module is about making sense of financial data.

Module 5: Financial Projections.

Knowing historical financial information is great and absolutely necessary.

But, what if you can use that information to see your financial future?  In this module you gain access to our proprietary software Atlas Growth Model and use your hard work in Modules 1-4 to prepare future financial information! 



But that’s not all you receive with our Build Your Own CFO training. You will also receive access to our training library, which includes:

  • Cash Flow Control
  • Financial Metrics Mastery
  • The WIP Creation Course
  • The Atlas CFO All Access Vault

Ready to get started?


Click the I Want a CFO! button below and enter your information:

I Want a CFO!

“We utilized Atlas CFO online training course which helped our rapidly growing construction company organize our accounting system and processes. The online course provides all the resources a business owner needs to gain an accurate financial picture for themselves, the bank, and the bonding company. We can continually refer back to any part of the training to address a problem. This training course has changed the way we do business.”

-Chris, Owner, Concrete Contractor

There are 2 versions to choose from. Get the one that best suits your needs!

Done With You


  • Our full video and resource library of everything you’ll need to become a CFO.

  • Checklists, videos, templates, and more!

  • Take it at your own pace—with Team Atlas by your side to help you!

  • You can submit your work for feedback, and you can reach out for 1-on-1 help.

  • Regular calls to go through questions you (or your soon-to-be-CFO) have.
Let's Do This!

Intensive Training Program

Starts at $3,900/month

  • Custom 1-on-1 training. Get exactly the kind of training your business needs!

  • Access to our full video and resource library.

  • Checklists, videos, templates, and more!

  • Get feedback on your work and 1-on-1 training!

  • Weekly calls for the first 6 weeks to get you jump-started, then monthly calls for as long as you need.
  • Rolls right into the preparation of using the Atlas Growth Model--our powerful projection software!
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