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Create job costing in QuickBooks Desktop so you can grow the company, control costs and provide financial visability!
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Does this sound like you?

  • You want to understand how best to use QBD for commercial construction
  • You are a construction contractor that expects more from QBD
  • You know your QBD could be used to track job costs versus estimates, but you don't know who can help
  • You want to know the how to use Items, Classes, Jobs and best practices for each
  • You know the basics of how QBD works, but you want more/better/specifics for construction accounting
  • You are growing and need to create a WIP report, but don't have the information to create it

Instead, how would it feel to...

  • See how your construction jobs are performing compared to their estimate
  • Be confident that your QBD is set-up for job costing
  • Know which reports are the most useful for construction companies
  • Know the tricks to be able to see total job profitability at a glance
  • Be able to use QBD effectively as you grow your construction company


This course has saved our clients $$$ by squeezing the most out of their QuickBooks investment 

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I don't know why I waited so long to get help from a construction accounting expert!

This {class} is exactly what our company needed to be able to move forward.  I now have confidence that we can make QuickBooks desktop work for our construction company. We thought we were going to have to add or create expensive software to get the information we needed.  Turns out, we just needed to set up QuickBooks so that it will work for construction.

Derek, President, Concrete Contractor          


QuickBooks for Construction Course

What's Included:


  • 5 Video Modules covering the topics necessary to set up QBD for construction

  • 30-Page Workbook to follow-along with the training and allow for brainstorming

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Module 1 is all about getting the right mindset to tackle QBD.  You have all the skills and inputs you need to create YOUR QuickBooks.

Module 2 covers setting up jobs and some cool things about jobs in QBD.  Setting up jobs the right way allows for easy review of job types and performance.

Module 3 is about setting up your chart of accounts (specifically your income statement) based on best practices and for quick review of job performance and overall profitability of the company.  

Module 4 is the heavy-hitter!  This module is all about Items and how to utilize Items to turn QBD into construction accounting software. We'll use Items for job cost, payroll, estimates and even billing. Once you harness the power of Items, your company can track cost-type profitability compared to the job estimate.

Module 5 is showcasing the job cost reports in QBD.  We'll run reports together and use sorting and filtering so that you can build the report that your team needs for cost control, increased profit and even the feedback loop for the estimating department.

After this course, you'll...

  • Feel awesome
  • Know what you're doing in QBD for job costing
  • Have confidence in yourself
  • Have the framework necessary for the next step in your business growth- the Work-in-Process report (necessary for bonding relationships)
  • Improve your relationships with construction operations because you are speaking their language
  • and so much more!
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QB Desktop Job Costing for Construction

$157 USD

one-time fee

  • Discover how to set-up QuickBooks for Construction Contractors
  • Know the right way to use Items, Classes and Jobs.
  • Get the most of your QB investment by making it work for construction 

Course + Coaching

$999 USD

Get the Course and 1:1 help!

  • QuickBooks for Contractors course and handbook
  • Two 45-minute one-on-one calls for Q&A or help with getting the most from your QuickBooks
  • This is 50% discount on our coaching calls and only available through this offer

Don't Miss Out on These Amazing Bonuses!

Bonus 1

We also included our Tips, Tricks and FAQ section on all things QB.  

Many of the topics in this section are the same questions that we get in our 1:1 consulting clients.  You get the answers to these burning questions as part of the course.

Bonus 2

Have you always wanted to know the right ratios to watch?

We are including our favorite 3-ratio scorecard and handbook so that you know which numbers and ratios to watch to create and maintain a healthy and financially strong construction company.

Bonus 3

Many of the Atlas CFO course students want to keep going on their learning adventure.

Because we want to support you in your journey, we are including a discount for access to ALL our courses, training and templates as part of this course.

I need these!

Hi, We're Melissa and Shane!

We are accountants that used to be construction business owners that now help construction contractors with accounting.

After 15 years of doing construction accounting and running a construction contractor,  we saw the need for good financial data within the industry and started Atlas CFO to help construction business owners with financial information.

It wasn't long before we discovered a love for training others in this field and leaning into the software that runs it.

Now, we work with construction business owners and their in-house accountants around the world to take control of their financial future with training, coaching and our proprietary financial forecasting software, the Atlas Growth Model.

Ready to meet your goals?  It's easy as 1-2-3!


Purchase the plan that fits best and look in your email for immediate access.


Get started in the course and even enlist some help!  It's more fun together.


Create your QuickBooks that provides information and clarity!

If you do the work and realize this course is not a good fit for you, just show me your work within 60 days of buying this course and I'll gladly give you a refund.

This is for you if...

>>   You are a construction contractor.

 >>  You are using QuickBooks Desktop as your accounting software.

>> You are ready to be the boss of your QuickBooks and create a job costing system that works for you and your team.

>> You work in QuickBooks everyday or are the owner of the company and want this as a resource for your in-house staff.

>> You are ready to do the work and engage with the operations team to create a QB set-up that is beneficial to the owner, estimating and operations.

This is not  for you if...

>>   Aren't currently using QuickBooks Desktop.  QuickBooks Online is a different software package.

>>  You are an outside accountant or bookkeeper that is providing services to construction companies.  You must be deeply involved in the company to set up QB for best practice.

>>  Your construction company is over $20M in revenue. (send us an email and we'll explain)

>> You don't want to take responsibility for your QB Desktop software and do the work involved to get it set-up properly.


Are you ready to be the boss of your QuickBooks?

I'm ready!



Here's the truth. I didn't want to learn how to use QuickBooks.

I've had some very frustrating days working with clients that used QuickBooks.  I struggled with the limitations (mostly in my head!) and even thought that the only solution was to tell our clients to change software.

Once I decided that QB would not beat me, I started to get somewhere.  Now I feel like any software can work for construction companies as long as you MAKE it be construction accounting software.

You can do this too!  Be the boss of QuickBooks!.

    - Melissa                     

QB Desktop Job Costing for Construction

$157 USD

one-time fee

  • Discover how to set-up QuickBooks for Construction Contractors
  • Know the right way to use Items, Classes and Jobs.
  • Get the most your of your QB investment by making it work for construction