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Unlock a new level of your construction business

Have you ever felt like your financial statements aren’t right?

Does your net income spike one month, then drop the next?

Are you ready to start a bonding program in your construction company?

Has an outside party requested a Work-in-Progress schedule, but you aren’t sure where to start?

Are you ready to start growing your construction company to the next level?


That’s exactly where a Work-in-Progress (WIP) schedule comes in.

It helps you do all of that and more.

Unfortunately, finding training for creating a WIP schedule is nearly impossible.

So, we created the WIP Creation Course to help you create a WIP and bring your construction company to the next level.


The WIP Creation Course is perfect for:

  • Construction contractors in the $2M-$10M range.
  • Construction contractors that are ready to start a bonding program.
  • Construction contractors ready to grow their business to the next level.
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With a WIP, you’ll…

  • Have consistent financial statement performance—you won’t feel like they’re telling you the wrong information.
  • Have consistent revenue month-to-month. No more sudden spikes or drops.
  • Start the process to grow your bonding and surety program.
  • Have one report to review job performance, future revenue expectations, and cash flow indicators.
  • Grow your construction business to the next level.

It’s not an understatement to say that a WIP is the most important financial statement in a construction business.


It tells you the most important information about your construction business, like:

  • Individual job performance.
  • Expected revenue and estimated costs.
  • How much money is left to earn on the job.
  • Whether your jobs are underbilled and will cause cash flow tightness.
  • How many months of overhead you can cover with your current job mix.

When using a WIP consistently, our clients have seen increased profitability in their construction businesses.

The WIP also unlocks the next level of growth for your construction business.

You’ll be able to start getting access to projections—being able to tell the future of your business!

With a WIP, there’s no more…

… feeling like your financial statements are inconsistent.

… inconsistent revenue spiking up and down month-to-month.

… feeling like your financial statements are telling you the wrong info.

With a WIP, you’ll feel in control, have the right information, and be able to grow to the next level!


If you’re ready to start creating WIPs and growing your business to the next level…


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