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Cash Flow Tips, WIPs, and More

All Access has courses, tips and systems to improve your cash flow, understand and use the Work-In-Progress schedule, create powerful decision-making tools, and more.

We're constantly adding resources to the library so our clients get the best tips for improving their financial information. 

Know what path your business is on

What if you could easily see the backlog you need to turn a profit this year?  What if you knew how much more work to go get?  You can see this and more with the Atlas Growth Model projection software. 

Our most powerful tool uses the financial information you already produce to provide clarity about your future.

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This is for you if...

  • You're a construction business owner who wants a better understanding of your financial information.
  • You're a construction business owner looking for training for your team so that they can provide you with better, more accurate, information.
  • You need Work-In-Progress reporting and percent-complete financials to make your bonding company happy but aren't sure how to get started.
  • You want resources for your financial team so they can improve and grow.  They want access to support and resources when they need help.
  • Your financial statements don't feel right, but you aren't sure what steps to take to improve your results.
  • You want to improve cash flow and need a process and a plan that is simple to follow.
  • You want to use your financial information to make better business decisions.
  • You want someone who knows your industry and can talk financial strategy and direction but aren't ready for a full-time CFO.

Basically, if you're looking to take your construction business to the next level, this is an all-in-one solution for you:

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What's Included in All Access:

What to do if your financial statements don't feel right. This is a common problem; you produce financial statements each month but something doesn't feel right about them. It's usually not you or your accountant, but a missing process that makes all the difference. 

Things you should know before choosing a new construction software. Construction software is complex.  If you go into the selection process without first making a few key decisions, you can easily end up regretting your decision and feeling worse off than with your old software. This section tells you what you need to know.

How to build a WIP job schedule and properly utilize it to transform your financial results. In my opinion, the WIP is the most powerful financial report a construction company can produce.  We cover the what, why and the how in depth so you can make the most of this critical tool.

Ways to take control of your cash flow. You'll be able to take steps to improve your cash flow IMMEDIATELY.  Build a cash forecast to easily see what your future cash needs are.  Create a system for your team to follow month after month so you aren't blind sided ever again.

How to use financial information to make future business decisions for your company. You'll learn how to perform basic projections to help see the future of your construction company. And you can take it even further with the Atlas Growth Model, our projection model software. With the Atlas Growth Model, you'll have super powerful decision-making information at your fingertips!

How to track important metrics in your construction company. You'll be able to see the progress in your company and know where you stand.  You get 3 plug-and-play scorecard templates that include suggestions on important metrics to track. You'll be able to take advantage of the old saying "What gets measured gets improved."

And ....

We know that sometimes a little support helps. We also include an onboarding call, email support for quick questions and the option to have TWO strategy calls per year with Atlas CFO. 

Follow the system, stay on track and, with our Premium Membership, have the ability discuss financial strategy or address company specific questions.  You get access to a strategic level CFO at the same time you are building your in-house accounting team for a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO.

We've put our combined 40+ years of construction experience into All Access because we want to help your business succeed.

We're continuously adding new content to help our clients improve and prosper. 

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Here's What Others Have Said About All Access

Because we deal with financial information, we've removed all identifying information to respect our clients' privacy - but this is what they've said about All Access.


“Thank you so much for taking time and energy to create such a great course. I started early this year as Accounting Manager for a general contractor company and your videos answered the majority of my questions. Even though I have construction experience before this position, financial reporting and WIP turned out to be tricky for me.

Our previous Controller retired shortly after I started, so I was and am by myself with all the questions and issues the construction industry may have.  I found your All Access library and YouTube videos and the situation started to untangle little by little to me.

Thank you so much again for the work you have done!”

Cory, General Contractor

“I was blessed to have a blank slate for the CFO role at [my company]. The challenges of building a role and adding structure is daunting. Your examples are great templates for us to work from, and the training material has aided me in training the Controller further in her duties.”

Christine, Accounting, Contractor

“Atlas isn’t your typical accounting firm. They thoroughly understand the construction industry and have the talent to show cost-benefit analysis and return on the investment. They have helped us streamline our accounting processes for a time savings. They are a valuable asset to our company.”

Kaete, Accounting, Contractor

“Melissa is the least-accountant accountant that I have ever met. By this, I mean, she’s an outstanding trainer and mentor. She doesn’t direct you what to do, but she thoroughly explains the ‘why’ behind it and then shows you ‘how’ to do it. She has a true gift on coaching and mentoring. She has helped our company tremendously and without her guidance, I wouldn’t have stayed in this position.”

Mike, President, Mechanical Contractor

“Shane and Melissa are terrific at what they do. They realize a problem before it even becomes an issue. They know our industry and know our business. I will continue to work with them to help grow our business.”

Dana, Accounting Manager, General Contractor

“Some accounting concepts are difficult, but their examples are great. I powered through their inventive approach and learned exactly what I needed to take the next step. They make tough topics understandable."

Renee, Controller, Contractor

“Working with Atlas has taken our accounting practices to the next level. Shane and Melissa have both worked "IN" construction businesses, so they understand our software and the industry to provide the best accounting solution for us. They are organized and available when we need them. I've learned a tremendous amount from Atlas, and they have aided in growing our business."

Denise, Accounting, Contractor

“We needed to set up processes for our accounting department, and Atlas has helped us accomplish this dauting task. They have the ability to understand our needs, are very responsive, and understand the construction industry. They really listen to their customers. I enjoy working with the Atlas team."


If you're ready to start improving the financial side of your construction business, grow your team  and get confidence in your information, all so you can take your business to the next level... just click the button below to get started.

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Here's a partial list of content we have in All Access (and we're constantly adding more!).

  • What to do if your financial statements don’t make any sense (hint: it’s usually not because of your accountant!)
  • Exercises to help you figure out how you can become a great company.
  • The important tasks each role in the back office should be doing (this can help you create a well-oiled machine on the financial side of your business, saving you time and hassle).
  • A simple trick to produce consistent and better financial statements quickly and efficiently. (It makes your whole life a LOT easier.)
  • Understand the information flow of a construction business and how to utilize it to make your operations more consistent, make communication easier and improve teamwork!
  • Why different contractors get different gross profit, markup, and/or overhead rates and how you can use this information to improve teamwork and communication—and even win more jobs!
  • How to create a month-end process that measures performance and shows you how to improve results!
  • An easy way to understand the Balance Sheet (it’s so simple that almost anyone can use it!)
  • The single best financial report you can produce (in my humble opinion).

    This financial report can help…

    …make your financial statements more consistent…

    …make your revenue consistent month-to-month…

    …start the process to improve your bonding  program and surety relationship…

    …create a single report to review individual job performance, expected future revenue and costs, how much money is left to earn on a job, whether your jobs are cash flowing and more…

    This report is SUPER powerful and, as I like to say, it's the one report to rule them all.

    And when it does that much, you can’t help but wonder what it is!

    I’ll let you in on the secret: It’s the WIP—and All Access includes our WIP Creation Course, which shows you exactly how to create and use this almost-magical financial report.


But that’s not all that All Access includes…

  • A guide to the key activities to do each month and each year so you have a plan that reduces stress and makes life easier!
  • How to ensure that the Balance Sheet is accurate (this makes all the difference when creating other financial statements like the Income Statement).
  • A handy checklist to make sure you don’t forget any critical month-end steps.
  • What it means to “tie out” accounts (and why it’s important).
  • A common problem that can cause your Income Statement to show less net income than you actually have (plus how to fix it!)
  • What depreciation is (and why it’s actually a good thing!)
  • How to build an amortization schedule (and a “trick” prebuilt into Excel that makes it easy!)
  • How to use the notes payable schedule to reconcile loan balances. This way, you’ll be able to match your bank balance to your Balance Sheet, put together a payment stream, and create a balance for cash flow to track your payment stream.
  • How to prepare the Income Statement (and what to double check if it doesn’t feel right).
  • A scorecard to help track the important metrics in your business and spot trends.

    As the saying goes, “What gets measured, gets improved.”

    It’s a simple plug-and-play scorecard that helps you to track your most important metrics. That way, you can see where you are, what’s going well or what to improve in your company.

    In fact, it’s our entire Financial Metric Mastery program, all included in All Access!

  • Some easy ways to “match” values on your other financial statements and reports to your Income Statement so you don’t have to do extra work.
  • How to run (and modify) the profit and loss statement and balance sheet in QuickBooks.
  • A quick (“cheat”) way to confirm that your notes payable schedule is accurate.
  • How to create a summary report that makes it easy for “non-financial” people to understand financial results, which saves time and builds trust.
  • The financial information you should give to the surety, bank, and owner to keep everyone happy and keep things running smoothly.
  • A simple equation to figure out what your equity is (that way, you’ll be able to more accurately estimate the value of your company!)
  • How I (someone with 20+ years of experience in the construction industry) review the Balance Sheet and Income Statement to ensure they’re accurate.
  • A “secret trick” completely intuitive to you, that you can use to help confirm whether or not financial information is accurate (almost no one even thinks to do this!)
  • How to make the Income Statement and job schedule tie together (that way, they both stay accurate).
  • What fixed assets are (and how to record them).
  • How to calculate your bonding capacity—and avoid certain “traps” that can reduce your bonding capacity.
  • What you should know before selecting your construction accounting software.

    This is a big one, because construction software is expensive and time consuming to get up and running.

    In fact, not knowing some of the important points that I teach in this section could cause you to waste a ton of time and money trying to choose a new software—that’s NOT fun!

    On top of that, we include tips you should know before getting a new construction software.  Because not knowing could make you think your new software is broken or glitchy and even lead you to reverting back to your old software! Knowing this prepares you for what to expect when changing software.
  • How to make it easier to get a “yes” from your surety on the job you want.
  • How to measure the strength of your bonding program.
  • A simple way to understand job costing (and a simple way to start doing it!)
  • A fun demonstration of what labor burden is (and how to calculate it!)
  • The three different types of budgets—and a “fourth” category that people often get mixed up, which can throw off their accounting!
  • How to determine whether your allocated burden is correct.
  • Something that can be pretty easy for a construction contractor to control (a lot of times, it doesn’t feel like we have many of those!)
  • How to estimate how much money you need to make a profit (and a simple tool you can use to calculate it!)
  • A quick, easy, and cheap way to create standard operating procedures for training.
  • How to organize your files and documents so they don’t get out of hand (this can save a ton of time and make you more productive!)
  • What to do if you’ve fallen off budget.
  • Basic accounting terms so that you can easily understand the financial side of your construction business—even if financial information isn’t your strong side!
  • How to track your job costs in the general ledger.
  • How to forecast so you know you’re on track for the year.

    This can help you in a BUNCH of ways, including seeing your projected future revenue, cash, expenses, and net income.

    Plus you can even game scenarios to see what adding new work does for your results. You could “game” scenarios to see which decision would be best for your company before you commit!

    Forecasting helps make better decision making—it very well could be one of the most powerful things you do this year.
  • The best time of year we have found to start planning ahead for the new year (doing this wrong could possibly lead to costly mistakes!)
  • The top mistakes contractors make when investing in their business (and what to do instead).
  • How to calculate discretionary earnings (with an added tool to help!)
  • 3 of our best tips for dealing with receiving collection calls.
  • Why having a collection call log can save you a ton of hassle.
  • Common issues that can leave jobs unbilled (possibly leaving a ton of money on the table!) and how you can stop it from happening again.
  • Why you should run a job profitability report (so you can figure out which of your jobs need to be billed).
  • Productivity tips for getting more done in less time (including email tricks in Outlook… a trick to shrink the time it takes to do a task… and more). In the busy summer months, this is AWESOME to have!
  • What job closeout is—and why it’s super important for collecting profit, retention, and more (plus a checklist to help you!)
  • How to manage cash flow so you know where you stand at all times!

    With cash being the lifeblood of business, it’s critical to know where your cash is and when it begins to run low.

    After all, without cash, it's tough to ramp up new work—or even survive til the next job!

    That’s where our Cash Flow Control class comes in—which we’ve included as a part of All Access. It’s got a ton of information that will help you to control and even increase your cash flow IMMEDIATELY!
  • Important tips for tax planning so you can save on taxes (and a checklist to help you!)
  • The differences between cash vs percent complete vs completed contract for income taxes (and why you should combine two of them for the best results!)
  • A simple year-in-review process (and checklist) to help you improve your company and move toward your goals.
  • How to manage cash flow in winter (arguably the toughest time of the year for most of us).
  • The 3 areas to focus on for controlling cash flow.
  • How to become more productive in your construction company and get more time back.
  • The difference between book and tax income (and why having both can give you the best results for both value and tax benefits!)
  • And more...

Normally, clients pay us thousands of dollars per month to train them in person on this information.

We built this program so that you get the training, the software and the support for less than what it would cost for an hour of our time.

Get complete access to ALL of our tutorials, systems, and training!


If you're ready to start improving the financial side of your construction business, grow your team  and get confidence in your information, all so you can take your business to the next level... just click the button below to get started.

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Training Library


  • All Access, our go to library of training and tools for construction business owners and their team 
  • Onboarding call to get you started
  • WIP Creation Course, Cash Flow Control and Financial Metric Mastery
  • Access to all updates and new training
  • Ability to request topics to be added to portal
  • Ability to purchase coaching/training call for a reduced rate

Training Library + Software


  • Onboarding call to get you started
  • Access to the Atlas Growth Model, our proprietary financial projection software
  • Atlas Growth Model tutorial and training
  • All Access, our go to library of training and tools for construction business owners and their team
  • WIP Creation Course, Cash Flow Control and Financial Metric Mastery
  • Access to all updates and new training
  • Ability to request topics to be added to portal



Most popular

  • Onboarding call for custom planning
  • Quarterly call with an Atlas CFO member for strategy or questions
  • All Access, our go to library of training and tools for construction business owners and their team
  • WIP Creation Course, Cash Flow Control and Financial Metric Mastery
  • Access to all updates and new training
  • Ability to request topics to be added to portal
  • Ability to purchase coaching/training call for a reduced rate
  • Access to the Atlas Growth Model, our proprietary financial projection software
  • Atlas Growth Model tutorial and training