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If you...

  • Have consistent, monthly, accurate, percent-complete financials (Balance Sheet, Income Statement) you trust
  • Have a monthly, accurate Work-in-Process Report
  • Have a desire to thrive

...and want help turning your financial data into actionable steps...

Then this is for you.


We've combined years of experience as construction industry CFOs to create a process that allows you to turn your financial data into actionable steps to grow and prosper.

And you get not only our process but our help with a regular monthly call to discuss your results and help with deciding next steps to stay on track.

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What is the Atlas Growth Model (AGM)?

The AGM is our process to help you grow and prosper by analyzing the effects your operations and decisions before you make them.  You can see:

  • How each jobs performance impacts your overall company results (good or bad)
  • How the backlog you have determines the amount of cash you have to operate with...
  • How soon you'll breakeven for the year and start making a profit...
  • And more...

It gives you the tools and process to see how different scenarios and decisions impact the financial health of your business.

You can see what the effect of your decision will be before you make it.

Use your data to get the info you need to make smart, profitable business decisions.

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And once you're set up, we can start turning your financial data into actionable steps to grow your company.

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What Others Say About the Atlas Growth Model

Because we deal with financial information, we've removed all identifying information to protect our client's privacy - but here's what they've said about the Atlas Growth Model.


“The Atlas Growth Model provides so much clarity to our business. It helps me to know what steps I should take to make the next month better than the last. It’s the one day of the month that I feel good about my business.”

Jeff, President, General Contractor

“The Atlas Growth Model has changed the way we do business. I can now see projections rather than just historical information. This helps me make the best decisions. We create budgets and overhead cost models using this tool. It gives us much more sophisticated information, so our banking and surety partners know where we stand. It’s changed our philosophy in the way we handle our financial information. The Atlas Growth Model gives me exactly what I need to run my business successfully.”


“I’m significantly more confident with our business after using the Atlas Growth Model. After using it, I know where we stand, where we’re going, and the steps to get us there. The rest of the month can be spent on execution instead of being up to my neck in numbers.”


“AGM has made such a huge difference! I get all my data in one place and with Shane to interpret it, I get my to-do list for the whole month in one 30 minute call. No more stressing over the numbers. It’s been great!”

Chris, President, Concrete Contractor

“We utilized Atlas CFO All Access online training courses which helped our rapidly growing construction company organize our accounting system and processes. The online courses provide all the resources a business owner needs to gain an accurate financial picture for themselves, the bank, and the bonding company. We can continually refer back to any part of the training to address a problem. This training course has changed the way we do business.”


“The AGM is a surety’s dream.  You just add the new job and it shows the contractor’s backlog and the results for the rest of the year!”

Success Story

LMN Contractors was struggling with financial visibility in their business. Their CFO didn't have the tools to provide information to help the CEO make good business decisions regarding operational and sales strategies and it took many hours to produce what they did have.

LMN Contractors contacted Atlas to assist in financial visibility. The Atlas Growth Model software tool and 30 minutes of planning with Shane provided exactly what the contractor needed to make the best financial business decisions to increase profitability.

Budgets and overhead cost models were created using the Atlas Growth Model. Then job performance and backlog were added to give LMN Contractors much more sophisticated information and the ability to see their financial future. Now their banking and surety partners know where they stand and have extended lines of credit and bonding based on the needs of the company.

At the beginning of the year, financial goals are set. Monthly calls and financial analysis and projections are used to keep the contractor on track. LMN Contractors has three market divisions and they can determine where gaps will be in each division and adjust their sales strategies, estimates, and job mix accordingly. When there is a gap mid-year, they know exactly what work to go get.

Atlas CFO has changed the way they do business for the better!

Companies That Use the Atlas Growth Model Outperform Industry Averages by {SOMETHING}

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How Does This All Work?

After reviewing initial financial data, we discuss together a work plan that best fits your business size, complexity and goals. 

By using financial information you already produce (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Work-in-Progress job schedule) in your company, we will be able to create projections for your Income Statement, Balance Sheet, cash flows and ratios for up to three years at a time. 

We will also collaborate to create "what-if" scenarios to see what your company would look like if you take on a certain job, change your overhead, add more equipment, etc.  Powerful stuff!


What Are You Most Interested In?

The Atlas Growth Model can help you grow your company in multiple different ways.

Here are some of the most popular ways...

See Whether Your New Job Will Be Profitable

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See If You'll Reach Your Net Income Goals

Click the button below to see our in-depth video explaining how you can see if you'll reach your net income goals and what you'll need to do so:

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Find Out How Much Cash You Have to Operate With

Click the button below to see our in-depth video explaining how you can see how much cash you have to operate with:

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See Whether Your New Job Will Be Profitable

In this video, you'll learn...

  • How to find out if your big anchor (AKA "dream") job will actually make you profitable.
  • What your target margin on your jobs should be to make you profitable.
  • Whether you have enough revenue for a consistent monthly profit.

See If You'll Reach Your Net Income Goals

In this video, you'll learn...

  • How the Atlas Growth Model uses your actual backlog to determine your net income goals - not hypothetical jobs.
  • How much more money you need before you cover your overhead.
  • What your target revenue needs to be to hit your net income goal.

Find Out How Much Cash You Have to Operate With

In this video, you'll learn...

  • Whether or not you have enough cash/working capital to cover overhead.
  • Whether you'll need to use your line of credit to get by until you get paid.
  • Whether or not you have the capacity to bond that next big job.

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