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Accounting is weird

Understand why construction accounting is so complex and why it is hard to find an accountant.


Discover how this powerful report works, why it is so important and how it can change profitability.

Balance Sheet

What does the Balance Sheet do?  The Balance Sheet tends to seem mysterious.  Not any longer! 

Key Ratios

There's really on a few that you need to watch for profitability.  Learn which ones.

Who is this course for?

This 7-day financial training bootcamp is for construction business owners who want to feel more confident about their financial position, the terminology and financial statements.  This course was built for contractors, not accountants. 

Because of this, we tried to stay away from accounting-y terms and give you the information in a simple, quick format that is easy to consume, understand and ultimately own.

Plus, you get actionable homework on topics you'd like to dig deeper into so that you can be the bad-ass financial-understanding ninja contractor.

Who is Atlas CFO?

Atlas CFO started as a husband and wife team that were accountants that became construction business owners that became accountants who help construction business owners. 

We are a casual, committed group that live to help construction companies flourish.

Be the financial ninja of your dreams

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