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Maximize Potential

Gain the knowledge and skills to maximize your business's potential earnings.  What gets measured gets improved and you'll know what to measure and have a vCFO to help you build a business you are confident in and proud of.

Financial Decision Making

There are so many decisions to make daily in a construction contractor.  We help you make quicker and better financial decisions on job selection and overhead expenses.  Know how adding an employee or purchasing more equipment affects your financials within minutes.

Affordable and Construction Focused

Finding qualified financial experts that focus on the construction industry is difficult and expensive.  We distilled our services to the highest value, lowest cost model that produces results for you.  Save more of your hard earned profit.

"Atlas CFO changed our philosophy in the way we handle our financial information. The Atlas Growth Model gives me exactly what I need to run my business successfully."

President - General Contractor

Right Info + Right Jobs + Right NOW

We get it.  We are business owners, CPAs and previous construction company owners.  We know what it's like living in the day-to-day operations in a construction company.  It is hard to make strategic financial decisions when you are constantly putting out fires. 

We had to find a fast, accurate way to distill financial data into DECISION-MAKING data.  We didn't have time to overcomplicate it and we understand that you don't either.

We built training, software and personalized CFO services based on our 20+ years in the construction industry.  Our methods focus on getting the right financial data at the right time to make the next right decision.  

"“Shane and Melissa are terrific at what they do. They realize a problem before it even becomes an issue. They know our industry and know our business. I will continue to work with them to help grow our business.”"

President - Mechanical Contractor

"Atlas CFO has changed the way we do business...

I can now see projections [using the Atlas Growth Model software] rather than just historical information.  This helps me make the best decisions. We create budgets and overhead cost models using their tools and coaching.
It gives us much more sophisticated information, so our banking and surety partners know where we stand.
It's changed our philosophy in the way we handle our financial information.  The Atlas Growth Model gives me exactly what I need to run my business successfully."
-Jeff, President
General Contractor

No More Worrying About:

  • Whether your construction company is making money and increasing in value
  • Spending hours trying to  better understand your financial position
  • Making financial decisions blindly 
  • Feeling alone in your business
  • If you are going to reach your year-end financial goals
Get Started

"We were frustrated with our accounting process as we couldn’t quickly give information to our bank and bonding company. We reached out to Atlas CFO to help us produce more accurate financials. Atlas CFO provided exceptional services and is extremely knowledgeable in construction accounting. They understand our business and what we need to provide to the bank and bonding company. They can quickly look at our financials and give us advice on what we need to do from the operations standpoint whether that be build our backlog or hire additional staff. They have changed the way we do business and decreased the amount of time it takes to produce accurate financials."

President - General Contractor


What can Atlas vCFO services do for you?

DEF Contractors was struggling with financial visibility in their business. Their surety was unhappy with the financial information and results.  The construction business owner spent weekends trying to figure out how to set up financial systems.  The in-house accountant/bookkeeper was great, but was not trained on construction accounting. 

It felt overwhelming and confusing and the owner spent way more time in accounting and finance than he ever wanted to.

DEF Contractors contacted Atlas to become their vCFO so that they weren't alone in making financial decisions, setting up financial reporting and managing the financial side of their business.

Atlas started the onboarding process with training and assessments of their current structure.  Financial statements were created on the percent-complete method and WIP reporting became the norm.  Budgets and overhead cost models were created using the Atlas Growth Model so the company could see their breakeven revenue and financial goals in one place.

Within 3 months DEF felt confident they were heading in the right direction both financially and from a systems perspective. 

They now have sophisticated information and the ability to see their financial future.  Their banking and surety partners know where they stand and have extended lines of credit and bonding based on the needs of the company.

 But most importantly, the owner and accountant are confident in their financial information and feel like they have a team to move forward with.  Atlas CFO has changed the way they do business for the better!

Our vCFO Services

Virtual CFO

1:1 Coaching and training to establish your internal system of financial reporting

Monthly financial statement review and analysis, including industry comparison and best practices

Monthly projection model (Atlas Growth Model) update

MS Teams connectivity for chat, file sharing and task management

Quarterly projection reports so you always have a 90-day plan

Training and coaching for your accounting staff

Assist with banking, surety, and tax relationships

Access to the Atlas Team for custom coaching, questions or guidance

Access to the Atlas Growth Model

Initial set up

Tutorial and User's Guide

Access to all courses, templates and videos in the Atlas CFO All Access Library

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Get the Help that Will Change Your Business

You aren't alone making financial decisions for your construction company anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial construction contractors with revenue over $5M and jobs that last longer than 6 weeks tend to find the best value.  It's not to say that a smaller contractor with a more service based revenue wouldn't benefit though.  If you aren't certain then schedule a call and let's visit about your company and your goals. Most of our vCFO clients are between $5-75M.

We also offer courses on a stand-alone basis if you think a DIY approach might work better for you.  If you have accurate monthly financial statements, but would like a vCFO to help with financial decisions and projections, you can check out the AGM program.

First we'll schedule a call to discuss your needs and determine the right fit.  We want you to be happy and successful.  After reviewing initial financial data, we discuss together a work plan that best fits your business size, complexity and goals.

We will then start an oboarding process where you get to walk through your financial systems with fresh eyes, templates and a coach so that you know you are creating financial process that is best practice, usable and proper.  We will create 3-6 months of financial statements together so that you are confident in your systems and financial data.  

You will also have access to us via Teams to share files, chat and create to-dos so that you stay on track.

Then we'll move into projections and financial decision making.  By using financial information you worked so hard to produce, we will be able to create projections for your Income Statement, Balance Sheet, cash flows and ratios for up to three years at a time.

We will also collaborate to create "what-if" scenarios to see what your company would look like if you take on a certain job, change your overhead, add more equipment, etc.  Powerful stuff!


We created the All Access training program to provide you with access to over 100 resources, templates and training videos to help you establish the financial systems in your construction business. 

We then use the training portal and 1:1 coaching to create YOUR financial systems. This means that you get an industry-specific CFO to not only be a part of your company, but to train your staff to create financial systems that work for you.

When we were construction contractors, we wanted a library of various business topics.  We couldn't find one so we built one.

You get access to our 20 plus years of experience managing, growing and prospering as construction contractors and CFOs.

If you have a request, you just send us an email and we'll do our best to get it to you in the portal.

It is like having a CFO train you and answer questions you didn't know you had.

The Atlas Growth Model is like a financial crystal ball for construction contractors.

We created the Atlas Growth Model to help contractors make financial decisions quickly.  You can see the results of job mix, expected performance, overhead and cash flow all in one software based on your financial data so you can be proactive instead of reactive in your business. 

Our proprietary model, 20 years in the making, takes financial information you already create (Balance Sheet, Income Statement and the Work-in-Progress job schedule) and shows you future net income, cash flow, key ratios and even the Balance Sheet by month and by year.  

Our goal at Atlas CFO is to provide simple, casual, decision-making services and tools.  We know that "things come up".  Our vCFO clients have access to us via Microsoft Teams that you maintain control of.  You can chat, post, share files and create to-dos all in one location that we share.

We do business the way we want to be treated - with trust, honesty, compassion and honor.

Our clients are our friends.  Our goal is to become a vital part of your business. Most of our clients have been with us for years which is why we are careful when opening slots for our services.  

Therefore, we want to be a good fit first. We also understand that things change in business and therefore you can cancel anytime.



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